Supernova was shown at GRANTPIRRIE Sydney, Australia in February 2008.

GRANTPIRRIE, 86 George Street, Redfern, NSW tel 02 9699 9033 www.grantpirrie.com

excerpt from GRANTPIRRIE Press Release

Supernova is a large scale, mixed media sculptural installation. Resting dramatically in the centre of the gallery, a sculpture pairs a star-like timber structure suspended on scaffolding with glitzy home craft and retro artefacts. Materials such as gold vinyl and crystal catch and refract light, contributing to a feeling of other worldly possibility.

Positioned close by is a pentagonal garden bench reminiscent of the type that surround trees in public parks, above which a five-sided Perspex beacon reflects its surrounds. 

The sculptures appear like objects from outer space, transforming the gallery into an unknown landscape, blurring reality with fiction. In the artists’ own words:

This scene is a cult fiction set-up.  It’s a journey into the unknown via an intergalactic space trip, cut up with minor cult iconography and retro home-craft technology.

Supernova anticipates our attempts to interpret and understand contemporary culture. The artists investigate the power of visual language on our imagination, as well as the fantastical outcomes of amateur physics.

Supernova installation at GRANTPIRRIE Sydney, Australia February - March 2008

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