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OUR DAY OUT yourspace

Through their artistic collaborations, Eleanor and James Avery comment on life’s many transitory moments and liminal spaces.  OUR DAY OUT yourspace is an installation project that engages the audience in a semi-participatory excursion through the sculptural and emotional terrain of armchair tourism.  Timber, glitter and cardboard constructs reference the iconography of heritage ruins and castles merged with popular motifs of early space travel.  Remnants of piers are surrounded by empty picnic tables, party lights hang over abandoned fairgrounds, and models of oil rigs toy with notions of scale.  This eclectic assemblage of materials creates a micro world of discovery riddled with precarious objects and curious façades.
Shown at ARTSPACE Sydney, Australia February - March 2007

OUR DAY OUT yourspace is a sprawling installation in Gallery 2 at Artspace, Sydney made during a 5 week residency in the Artspace studios.

A hybrid castle/space module straddles a stranded pier, surrounded by picnic tables for you to sit at and admire the view. A cable car hangs like a satellite above your head. It's a real day out, a sideshow distraction. An excursion in irony.

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OUR DAY OUT yourspace installation views at Artspace, Sydney

OUR DAY OUT yourspace is reviewed in issue 9 of runway magazine www.runway.org.au
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This project was supported by an Artspace Studio Residency 2007