Eleanor Avery


solo exhibition at Blacklab Gallery (now named Ryan Renshaw Gallery), Brisbane, Australia (25 Aug to 13 Sept 2006)

gallery installation view


Magic Mountains and Boom

installation view

Cat Run

card, model tunnel, Besser block, wire, glitter, foil, resin

50 x 120 x 75 cm

Magic Mountains

canvas, glitter, polyester stuffing, varnish

120 x 150 x 120 cm


‘It has been suggested that our cultural climate bears distinct resemblances to the classical Baroque period.  Whereas historically the Baroque figured the human dwarfed by the abundant splendour of God’s work, we are dwarfed by the raw immensity of our own.  The hyper-abundant overproduction of our ‘Neobaroque’ stems from the denial of its unstable foundations, bereft of all meaning.

Eleanor Avery’s work interrogates this revelation through compelling installations, sculptures and canvases.  Using emblems of the natural world and human intervention – a glittering mountain, an ornamented tree; a suspension bridge, a cable car, Avery creates uneasy dichotomies of artifice and nature implying a toxic ecology and the impending crisis of a culture.  There is a melancholic futility to the scenarios she creates, a ‘Wonderland’ now fallen, a bridge leading nowhere.  Avery questions both the direction of our path and the level of our control in her incisive works.’

Clare Lewis

(Extract from Brainstorms ‘Momentary Psychological Disturbances’ catalogue compliments of GrantPirrie, Sydney, 2005, exhibition curated by Clare Lewis and James Steele )

Eleanor Avery's BOOMTOWN is a sculpture installation and series of drawings that explore the ruptured characteristics of a final frontier landscape.  The pre-cursor of a ghost town, an industrial wasteland waiting to happen. These works present us with scenes of broken landscapes, a glittering organic mountain range on the verge of morphing into something else, and a neglected structure formatted into the absurd.